Minding the GAPE – February 2024

The first Black-owned public hospital, the “Delsarte method” for Black women’s self-care, the material culture of Valentine’s Day, cleaning up the mess of Carnival season, a chaotic yet cost-effective sewing pattern, and much more.

Minding the GAPE – December 2023

Preserving radio broadcasts, looking over the year’s best Black history books, holiday baking with historical recipes, remembering the Christmas Truce of 1914, controversy over the Confederate memorial removal at Arlington National Cemetery, and much more.

Minding the GAPE – July 2022

Policewomen surveilling abortionists, border policy and the Mexican Revolution of 1910, Queen Lili’uokalani’s struggle for self-sovereignty in Hawaii, the multicultural history of rodeo, and much more.

Minding the GAPE – June 2022

Reconstruction politics of Indian Territory’s allotment era, what came after the fleeting freedom of Juneteenth, one family’s story of an illegal abortion, flooding in Yellowstone, and much more.