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Crystal Brandenburgh, Editor

Crystal Brandenburgh is a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University studying the interwar women’s peace movement and its role in the development of maternalist political rhetoric and organizing strategy.

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James Breen, Web Editor

James Breen is a Pro-Tem Instructor with the Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon, studying and teaching about U.S. capitalism, conspiracies, and religious bigotry in the Gilded Age & Progressive Era.

Photograph of a woman in front of a building

Laura Crossley, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Laura Crossley is a history Ph.D. candidate at George Mason University. Her dissertation examines how political debates over land, statehood, and Native sovereignty in the American West played out at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

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Mark Gibb, Web Editor

Mark Gibb is a PhD student at the University of Georgia studying business consolidation during the Gilded Age, using the brewing industry as a window on the process.

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Chelsea Gibson, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Chelsea is a GAPE historian with a specialty in US-Russia relations and women’s history. She is the Director of the Binghamton Codes! Program at Binghamton University. Her research examines the reception of Russian terrorist women in the United States between 1878 and 1920. She also serves on the board of the Phelps Mansion Museum, a Gilded Age museum located in Binghamton, NY. You can follow her on twitter @gibsoche.

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Evan Hart, Editor

Dr. Evan Elizabeth Hart is an Assistant Professor of History at Missouri Western State University where she teaches courses on American History, Women’s History, African American History, and the History of Medicine. She specializes in the history of women’s health activism, particularly among women of color. She’s currently working on a project that examines a murder case in Missouri that combines a number of her interests: the Progressive Era, true crime, and women’s health. She also serves as the Director of Teacher Education for her department where she helps future secondary school teachers combine sound pedagogy with a love of history.

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Terri Lotti, Editor

Terri Lotti is an architectural historian and archaeologist. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alabama in Art History and a Master of Arts in History from the University of West Georgia. She has worked in the Cultural Resources field for 25 years. She has written and technically edited reports, contexts, films, video games, and public products on everything from pre-contact archaeological sites to a script for the PBS documentary on the history of the Dixie Highway through Georgia. In addition, Terri has been an adjunct instructor at the University of West Georgia teaching History Since the Reconstruction.

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Kym MacEwan, Minding the Gape Editor

Kym MacEwan is a PhD student at the University of Montana focusing on public health in Montana during the early twentieth century.

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Lauren MacIvor Thompson, Editor

Dr. Lauren MacIvor Thompson is a historian of early-twentieth-century women’s rights, medicine, law, and public health. She is an Assistant Professor of History and Interdisciplinary Studies at Kennesaw State University and serves as the faculty fellow at the Georgia State University College of Law’s Center for Law, Health & Society. Thompson’s current research focuses on the intersections of medical authority and expertise, women’s health, and public health policy in the birth control and reproductive health movements. She is working on a book manuscript, Rivals and Rights: Mary Dennett, Margaret Sanger, and the Making of the American Birth Control Movement, forthcoming with Rutgers University Press.