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A 54-foot-long petition from Black South Carolinians seeking equal treatment before the law

Marjorie S. Joyner, the first African American graduate of A. B. Molar Beauty School, invented the permanent wave machine

The 1926 origins of Black History Month

Black communities are missing in narratives of the American West

Punxsutawney Groundhog Club and the roots of Groundhog Day

A legislative history of homebrewing

Ties between discriminatory housing practices and preservation

H-SHGAPE review of The Imperial Church: Catholic Founding Fathers and United States Empire

Black secret societies need further study

Examining the deep roots of femicide and domestic violence in American history

Legend of the Leatherman and his 365-mile walking route

Preserving over a century of progress in academic freedom in American universities

The continuity of philanthropic practices since Rockefeller and Carnegie

Riots and protests during the New York City Kosher Meat Boycott of 1902

Review of Adam Lee Cilli’s investigation of Black middle-class activism in Pittsburgh

Patriotism and distorting race in history textbooks

Myth America examines the history of American socialism

Black Americans and connections to the Pacific

Scientists in the American West

Poaching oysters in the San Francisco Bay

George Washington Carver’s studies on nutrient depletion in soil

H-SHGAPE review of Reconstruction and Mormon America

Love letters of Teddy Roosevelt and Alice Lee

The Erie Canal’s impact on industrialization

Preserving sites of African American activism

A history of anti-Asian legislation

Book review of Journalism and Jim Crow

Unfree Black labor and the convict-lease system of Texas

The Civil War, Reconstruction, and the nineteenth-century origins of immigration restriction

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