A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

The removal of cocaine from Coca-Cola was linked to racist stereotypes of Black men

Reexamining Justice John Marshall Harlan’s Plessy dissent

Parallels between American Zionism and Irish nationalism

Podcast episode on the legacy of the Immigration Act of 1924

Charles F. Ritchel’s flying machine, the dangerous dirigible that launched decades before the Wright brothers’ flight

Teaching tools for Progressive-Era child labor reform

A couple’s journey of buying and restoring a historic inn

Arguments for restoring historic trailer parks

Rickwood Field is the oldest ballpark with ties to African American baseball legends

Preserving Black Joy in historic places

Reconstruction-era deeds record how land titles given to freedpeople were soon taken back by their former enslavers

Little Italy’s Mulberry Street in the visual archives

Preserving historic exteriors with modern materials

Time recording clocks and other early machines for “clocking in

The renowned life of investigative reporter Nellie Bly

New free newspaper database can help descendants of enslaved people find familial links, filling a gap in genealogy research for Black Americans

Roundup of stories to commemorate Juneteenth

A photographic history of felines

New radio series “40 Acres and a Lie” highlights unfulfilled land promises for freedpeople

The lengthy and tumultuous 1924 Democratic National Convention

Personal libraries in the National Record of Historic Places

Soudan Mine, Minnesota’s oldest iron mine, is 2,300 feet deep and now open for tours

Porches as gathering places in the historic record

Murderous teens and the 1924 “Crime of the Century

Culture and Democracy in the United States and the concept of cultural pluralism 100 years later

Early Black explorers and the complicated history of discrimination and displacement in America’s national parks

Black voters first started to abandon the Republican party earlier than you might think

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