A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

A Hebrew orphan asylum transformed into a community hospital

Passamaquoddy folktales preserved in 1890 wax cylinder recordings

Reconstruction shifted immigration control from the state to the federal level

Visual tools for teaching about political parties

The centennial celebration of the first aerial circumnavigation around the world

Rainy days in the visual archives

Sinclair Lewis and his small-town critiques

Historic trees in the American landscape

The fight to protect the Henry Ossawa Tanner House in Philadelphia

Patents and the creation of baseball

Explore hydroelectric power plants in the National Register of Historic Places

Celebrate National Submarine Day with design drawings of the USS Holland

How the Fourteenth Amendment continues to shape American life

The two remaining Tulsa Massacre victims continue to fight for restitution

Historical songs about flowers

Trees as muses at historic artists’ homes

The healing power of light and the Spectro-Chrome

Primary sources about political third parties

Worries over pornographic images on postcards

Review of a new book on the role of Scandinavian settlers in the U.S. Civil War

The continual impact of the RMS Titanic on safety legislation

The history of post offices and the Postal Savings System

Library of Congress sources provide insight into the business of railroads

Observe National Parks Week with photos and maps from the National Archives

Inaccuracies in historical markers

Newly digitized irrigation records from the Bureau of Indian Affairs

The mischievous childhood of Babe Ruth

Introducing students to entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker

Ida B. Wells, Black radicalism, and the People’s Grocery

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After serving in the United States Navy, Kym pursued her education and true passion of history. Kym taught as an adjunct for six years prior to continuing her education. She is currently a History PhD student and Fellow at the University of Montana, focusing on public health in the Progressive Era.

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