A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

Seances and women’s rights in the late-19th century

Religious communities that opened their doors to advocates of women’s rights

The Only Woman spotlights women in the historical photographic record

Distilling the history of whiskey in the United States

W.E.B. DuBois’ determination to empower Black children through literature

How postcards became a tourist essential

Anti-Asian violence and medical scapegoating

Correcting social injustices on Wikipedia

Transitioning from bird collecting to bird watching

The multiple presidential terms with no vice president

American historian David McCullough passes away at 89 years old

Looking through the 1909 Dry Goods Economist  

Wild Bill Hickok, the gun-toting baseball umpire

The global diplomatic impact of American wheat

Beating the heat with fancy fans

Eugene V. Debs Collection contains over 4,800 digitized pieces

Lavinia Warren and Tom Thumb’s preserved wedding cake

Newly digitized logbooks from 500 ships available through the National Archives

Honoring Annie Oakley on her birthday

The history of Braille music

A new exhibit on the history of Black cinema at the Academy Museum

The historical chances of a president winning a second term election

Los Angeles attracted wealthy Midwesterners

Eugenics and American baby contests

Corset ads from the early-twentieth century

A trapeze, nudity, and Victorian morality

Remembering Ishi of the Yahi tribe

The biracial Readjusters party in Virginia history

Plessy v. Ferguson, equal protection, and today’s Supreme Court

The number 1 license plate of Chicago is up for auction

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