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Steamboat Willie enters public domain as copyright has expired

Top ten National Archives blog posts of 2023

Ideas for New Year’s resolutions from patent records

Music and trading cards celebrating early American football

Exploring child labor histories through primary sources

Teaching aids to investigate presidential primaries in the classroom

African Americans are reclaiming their lost family trees through genealogical records

Daguerreotypes and other early photographic processes  

The remarkable life of Iñupiat explorer Ada Blackjack

Celebrating women and challenging marginalization with Chicago’s public art pieces

Convict leasing and white supremacy during the Jim Crow era

Migration patterns influenced American dialects

The Ford Motor Company shaped the 40-hour workweek

A brief history of pasteurizing and fortifying dairy milk

Early efforts to preserve federal records

Photos of the Wright brothers in the archives

New exhibition explores how WWI propaganda shaped the modern global media industry

The transnational history of an opera singer and the 1890 influenza epidemic

Visual archives of the Red Cross and the “First Three” in WWI

Teaching about Thomas Edison and invention in the classroom

Alcatraz Penitentiary and other prisons in the National Register of Historic Places

A guide to Gilded-Age landmarks in Edith Wharton’s New York

“American Beethoven”: Louis Eilshemius, the multitalented and eccentric artist

Capitalsaurus Court” and the 1898 discovery of the first fossilized dinosaur bones in D.C.

Arabella Mansfield, the first woman admitted to the bar, paved the way for future female lawyers

Untangling the conflicting racial identities of working-class anarchist Lucy Parsons

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