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A brief photographic history of swan boats

The Wright brothers collection at the Library of Congress

Primary source sets for teaching the Great Migration

Only two women served in both World Wars

Discover the Pui Tak Center in Chicago’s Chinatown

Listen to Woodrow Wilson’s speech on the one-year anniversary of Armistice Day

Pension Files tell the tale of a Union soldier’s dramatic escape from Confederate imprisonment

The evolution from slavery to convict labor in plantation prisons

Sunset views in Library of Congress collections

Creating urban landscapes through garbage

The Washington Naval Treaty was ratified 100 years ago

Buffalo, New York, and the 1901 Pan-American Exposition

Armistice Day reflections in Arlington National Cemetery

The Shawnee Tribe fight to tell a complete history of the Shawnee Indian Manual Labor Boarding School

Official diaries of Indian agency superintendents, 1907-1917

An abundance of rats in New York’s legal history

Rare “Inverted Jenny” stamp—created in 1918 for the first airmail service—sold for $2 million

Inscrutable Eating analyzes racialized food stereotyping

Looking back at the various days Thanksgiving has been celebrated as a federal holiday

Black collective engagement with the federal government after the end of slavery

Daredevil aviator Mary Riddle, the first Native American woman to earn a pilot’s license

The legacy of drummer Chick Webb, “The King of the Savoy”

Take a hike through history in the archives

Armories in the National Register of Historic Places

Resistance through writing at Carlisle Indian School

When social commentators feared that the teddy bear would lead to falling birthrates

This year marks the 100th National Christmas Tree lighting

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