A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

Poetry and history as tools for Black women’s activism

Log driving: from dangerous labor in the lumber industry to a trendy sport

A new primary source collection on the Great Migration

Disability culture and rights in the city

Mary E. Pleasant’s fight against racial segregation in California

Iowa State University’s football stadium named after their first Black athlete, Jack Trice

A photographic record of presidential pets

Heather Cox Richardson on the historical context of ousting the Speaker of the House

Recognizing Native American genocide in California

Eggs, hominy, and other breakfast delights in the archives

The 1871 Peshtigo Fire in Wisconsin remains the nation’s deadliest wildfire

A new podcast delves into the unmarked graveyard of Hart Island, New York

Students at the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania petitioned for an endowed bed for ill classmates

A history of Native American representation in film

Legendary Delores del Río rose to fame in the silent movie era

In 1922, women’s track and field challenged societal norms

Matthew Henson was the first Black American to reach the North Pole

Reflecting on disability history in Washington, D.C.

Wood lead pencils and other office supply advertisements in Geyer’s Stationer

Telling the story right: Osage influence on Scorsese’s new blockbuster, Killers of the Flower Moon

Primary sources on America’s child labor history

 “Cough gum” for your cold and other bits of candy history from 1923

The World Series in the National Register of Historic Places

100 years of the jungle gym

Exploring the contribution of Black nurses at a New York tuberculosis sanitorium

Celebrating pumpkins in the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

In 1910, Eliza “Lyda” Burton Conley was the first Native American to argue a case before the Supreme Court

Baseball music through the decades

Descansos—roadside memorials—are legally protected in New Mexico

A brief history of Halloween and trick-or-treating

The popularity and fakery of antique vampire-killing kits

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After serving in the United States Navy, Kym pursued her education and true passion of history. Kym taught as an adjunct for six years prior to continuing her education. She is currently a History PhD student and Fellow at the University of Montana, focusing on public health in the Progressive Era.

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