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How the Johnstown Flood became a tourist attraction

A history of Black westerns and the cowboys they portray

Notorious outlaw John Wesley Hardin

The capitalist history of reproductive labor

Explosion of the USS Maine and deception as a path to war

Search the index of JAH’s women’s history articles

Building a genealogical history through a lost photo album

About the Met’s new exhibit, The Harlem Renaissance and Transatlantic Modernism

The establishment of federal holidays began in 1870

Happy Birthday to You” and the forgotten sisters behind the jingle

Underrepresentation of women in National Historic Landmarks

Universal basic income in the early twentieth century

Citrus trees in Library of Congress photographs

The infamous tale of Chicago May, “The Most Dangerous Woman in the World” 

Grassroots banking politics and financial regulation in the early twentieth century

Sau Ung Loo Chan, pathbreaking lawyer and advocate for Chinese Americans

The turn-of-the-century adventures of author Richard Harding Davis

Apple TV+’s “Manhunt” and the search for John Wilkes Booth

Photographs of coal communities on display at the National Archives

Baseball snapshots in the Library of Congress

How corporations became legal “persons”

California Gold Rush heiress Louise Arner Boyd’s adventures to the Arctic

Last bloom for 158 cherry blossom trees in D.C.

The 1927 competition to be the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic

A history of Irish Americans through the centuries

Remembering prominent Ojibwe lawyer and suffragist, Marie Louise Bottineau Baldwin

Starting in the 1920s, debutantes on horseback carried messages for the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky

Illinois’s Dixon Bridge disaster and other bridge collapses

Restoration updates on endangered historic locations

The Lost Cause in Northern rhetoric

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Girls’ basketball team, March 1926. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

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