A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

Conspiracy theories surrounding Warren G. Harding’s death

Photographs of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters

Wearing masks during the 1918 pandemic

Louis Pasteur’s impact on brewing beer

Using primary source images to teach about emancipation

Thinking critically about science and pseudoscience in the classroom

Railways and the rise of vacationing in the National Register of Historic Places

The rocky American history of the lottery throughout the centuries

Smithsonian’s origins as an American institution

Mining descendants bring a Michigan ghost town to life once a year

A list of this year’s National Trust for Historic Preservation awardees

The Library of Congress and C-SPAN explore “Books That Shaped America

Students unearth Michigan State University’s first observatory

The progression of the traveling circus

Reviewing the record of the deadliest wildfires

150-year-old banyan tree still standing in Maui among lost historic landmarks

Global responses to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Milwaukee’s history hosting political debates

Bowling Green, Ohio’s gory display of the “Fingers in a Jar

The life and travels of Chinese immigrant and businesswoman, Lai Ngan

Historical strategies to deal with summer heat waves

Entertainment and American exceptionalism in Wild West shows

The Equal Rights Amendment’s roots in the National Woman’s Party Conference

Rethinking U.S. history through North American history and African Diaspora history

Racialized frontier board games and Manifest Destiny

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