A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

Labor Day and the history of national seashores

Discovery of a Lake Michigan shipwreck that sunk over a century ago

Arsenic-laced pigments and deadly artificial flowers

Mabel E. Macomber, an early advocate for urban playgrounds

Searching the National Register of Historic Places for Labor Day locations

A reading list of the rise of American sports

Minnesota is returning 1,4000 acres of ancestral land to the Upper Sioux Community

The importance of historical markers

“Domestic husbands” and changing concepts of masculinity at the turn of the twentieth century

The use of racial slurs in a New Orleans daily newspaper

Josephine Baker’s multifaceted and nonconformist life

Exploring African American entrepreneurship after the Civil War

How the sinking of the USS Oneida sparked diplomatic tensions

Radical efforts considered to save San Francisco’s historic Ferry Building

Boosters lured settlers to Florida and California with promises of ideal climates

The Progressive-Era panic that ice cream parlors were ensnaring young white women into sex work

Puerto Rico, citizenship, and self-determination

How railroads and corruption led to the first Great Depression in 1873

A new 10-part television series reviews 250 years of “Books That Shaped America

Riding Jane Crow examines Black women’s experiences on railroads

The 150-year Philadelphia tradition of embroidering presidential flags

Black state militiamen after the Civil War

Horseless carriages caused fear in the early 20th century

The Southern Cross of Honor and Lost Cause rhetoric

The pricey auction sale of Lincoln’s Ford Theatre tickets

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