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The political significance of Cochise County in Arizona

An early female coffee entrepreneur, A. F. MacDougall

The painful legacy of two southern race massacres

A book review of Roots of the Black Chicago Renaissance: New Negro Writers, Artists, and Intellectuals 1893-1930

Charlotte Scott and the Black soldiers who funded the Emancipation Monument

Panoramic maps of the Mississippi Valley

The tragic international history of Jumbo the elephant

How the Hetch Hetchy controversy led to the establishment of the National Park Service

Early globe-trotting cyclist, Frank Lenz

Albion W. Tourgée and the fight for expanding voting rights

Prior to the Nazis, the swastika was once a benign symbol in American printing

Homes of American authors in the National Register of Historic Places

Christmas trees and decorations in the patent records

Banking on rainmakers in the Great Plains

Early photographs of rainbows

Colonel Charles Young, the first African American to serve as superintendent over a National Park

Harvard chemist Eben Norton Horsford invented baking powder

Interview with Karen Weingarten, author of Abortion in the American Imagination

The rise of “anti-lodger” crusaders

Racism and the rise of commercial laundering

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