A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

Teaching NAACP history through newspapers

Southern California’s irrigation legacy

Learning about the American West with historical fiction

A Gilded Age murder mystery challenged presumptions of criminality

Teddy Roosevelt’s deadly trip to the Amazon

President Ulysses S. Grant was arrested for speeding

A look back on women in Boston’s Chinatown

Boxing legends Jim Jeffries and Jack Johnson portrayed in a new graphic novel

The importance of carrier pigeons in WWI

Photographs of Easter hats throughout the decades

A new book on the Texas Rangers

Women were well represented in the millinery trade

Community rallies to preserve a rural Black schoolhouse

African American newspapers in Chronicling America

Sugar beets and a rare cross-cultural labor strike

The consequences of America’s Banana Republics

James Longstreet, U.S. Minister to Turkey

A Bostonian debutante in Paris

Misinterpreting the Comstock Act

Highlighting South Asian American history in Philadelphia

Gardens in the National Record of Historic Places

The long history of removing Black lawmakers from office

Images of Arab Americans throughout the decades

Donating books to the War Service Library for WWI soldiers

The politics of pandemics

Failed attempts to curb child labor in the GAPE and today

Bat Masterson and the Battle of the Plaza

Eugene Debs used prison as a platform for his presidential campaign

Helen Gibson was Hollywood’s first professional stuntwoman

A history of pennyroyal as an abortive medication

Understanding citizenship and the post-emancipation South through Black Civil War widows

Documents in the National Archives shed light on Marcus Garvey’s incarceration

Tracing the line from Populism to American-style fascism in one family’s history

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After serving in the United States Navy, Kym pursued her education and true passion of history. Kym taught as an adjunct for six years prior to continuing her education. She is currently a History PhD student and Fellow at the University of Montana, focusing on public health in the Progressive Era.

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