A monthly roundup of Gilded Age and Progressive Era news articles and blog posts from around the web.

Segregation through the use of eminent domain

Treatments for WWI “shell shock” and connections to the present understanding of PTSD

When restaurants promoted ice cream to attract female customers

The heated 1912 Republican race pitted Roosevelt against Taft

A list of three-time presidential nominees

Confederate General James Longstreet’s controversial politics

The evolution of Riverside Indian School through the decades

“Americanization” campaigns and Mexican immigrant women in California

Puerto Rico’s history is missing from U.S. textbooks

Jim Crow segregation and Black beaches on the Chesapeake Bay

Early aviation photographs and prints of the Wright brothers

The first self-proclaimed drag queen in the United States

LGBTQ+ artists’ homes in the National Trust for Historic Preservation

Recollecting the Tulsa Race Massacre in family memory

Photographs initiated child labor reform in the early twentieth century

Employer organizing and the National Association of Manufacturers

Preservation of African American historic sites

Flag Day celebrations in the National Register of Historic Places

The Comstock Act, historic moral panics, and current abortion debates

Racialized children’s games after the Civil War

Army base renamed for Black WWI Medal of Honor awardee

Protecting amphibian habitats through the National Trust for Historic Preservation

Juneteenth recognizes that there is a “frailty to freedom”

A new book on the Black working class over the last 200 years

LGBTQ+ newspaper stories from the early twentieth century

Using Sanborn maps as teaching aids

A new historical fiction reimagines the life of Anna May Wong

The wife of OceanGate’s founder descended from Titanic victims

A look back on James Garfield’s presidency

Applying new technologies to study crime-scene dust in the late nineteenth century

Using a suffragist’s poetry to teach the history of women’s suffrage

Hookworm eradication efforts neglected the health of Black communities

Echoes of nineteenth-century cross-dressing bans in today’s anti-drag laws

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